January 2, 2019

"Zack was friendly and had my side window replaced in under an hour on the same day I called. Did it for less than half of what the dealership quoted me."
November 2, 2018

"The guys at the Highway 3 location did an awesome job! Great customer service, completed the job very quickly, free guest WiFi. Highly recommended. "
September 19, 2017

"In at 12:30, out at 1:15. Windshield replacement on a Jeep Wrangler. Fast, courteous and very friendly. Excellent job replaced stickers and was in and out in a no time. Will use them again when the need arises."
August 7, 2017


"Well, this proves they're consistent ! Several months ago the windshield on my H2 had to be replaced , [see my previous review]. Same again, Hummers are rock magnets ! Called Zack, he said "come in tomorrow, same price, we'll fix you right up". Came early, no problem, had me out the door in about an hour.......Same great service, same great prices, same great quality of work. It's nice to do business with someone who is consistent about the way he does business, in Zack's case it's always the BEST !! Thanks Zack, great job as usual. Capt. Tom Drake "
May 20, 2017

Kesha Ragin

"I had my windshield replaced on my Ford Explorer and the service and price was outstanding!! The quality of work was very good and when I had questions they addressed every single one of them. So the customer service was excellent. So, about 1 month ago I had to return because I had to replace the windshield trim due to debris in road damaging it. I initially started at the dealership, which wanted to charge me 670.00 dollars and it would take a full day. Well I remembered Clear Lake Auto asking about the windshield trim when I had gotten the windshield initially replaced. I contacted them, they replaced the trim for 95.00 and it took 20 minutes....the trim is still on and working fine.. and I am not out of 600 dollars nor did I loose a whole day. These guys are great!!!"