May 20, 2017

Kesha Ragin

"I had my windshield replaced on my Ford Explorer and the service and price was outstanding!! The quality of work was very good and when I had questions they addressed every single one of them. So the customer service was excellent. So, about 1 month ago I had to return because I had to replace the windshield trim due to debris in road damaging it. I initially started at the dealership, which wanted to charge me 670.00 dollars and it would take a full day. Well I remembered Clear Lake Auto asking about the windshield trim when I had gotten the windshield initially replaced. I contacted them, they replaced the trim for 95.00 and it took 20 minutes....the trim is still on and working fine.. and I am not out of 600 dollars nor did I loose a whole day. These guys are great!!!"
May 4, 2017

phuong ngo

"A simple "google" search to have my 2002 Honda Odyssey windshield replacement led me to this shop. With a high percentage of positive ratings here and other sites, I decided to give it a try. Overall, I am happy with the replacement at Clear Lake Auto Glass. The price was very comparative, and the replacement was done professionally, and as promised. I am also happy that they did manage to transfer all the stickers I had on my old windshield to the new one. The only minor, minor complain I have is that they left some debris on the floor of my front seats. I would highly recommend this place to others. Well done, and thank you Clear Lake Auto Glass."
April 20, 2017

Ivette Corona

"Great service... they found a window for my car that no one else had because its a new model. They're awesome. And the job great! Thanks!"